The Future of Responsible Entrepreneurship & Digital Economy with Rajesh Chandran

What makes an entrepreneur successful? What sort of experience, partnership and decision-making does entrepreneurial success require?

In this second of three part discussion with Rajesh Chandran, CEO of Actual, we discuss what characteristics and experiences make for a successful entrepreneur moving forward into the uncertain future. Having a well rounded corporate experience and a team certainly helps, but the bottom line is that being a solopreneur is actually really hard. That’s where having a solid support system, such as the Peace Innovation Network, is invaluable. 

So what about the future of existing start-ups and companies? The companies that will succeed during these uncertain times are those that can deliver essential products and services to those in need in a sustainable and profitable way. If existing entities can’t make it happen, an aspiring entrepreneur will, and they will succeed and thrive instead. If there is a problem then there’s a paint point, and if there’s a pain point then there’s an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Rajesh explains that there are hidden benefits to making positive decisions for social impact, which then has a cascading effect on other aspects of a community. If you, as an entrepreneur, don’t view decision-making in a holistic way, you’re missing out.

Tune into this episode to hear more about:

  • Creating holistic narratives
  • The importance of practicing mental hygiene
  • Entrepreneurship as a subculture
  • Digital marketplaces and economy
  • The informal economy and technological exclusion


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