Government Tech & Adaptability During Covid-19 with e.Republic’s Dustin Haisler

Welcome back to the PeaceX series! This week we’re catching up with Margarita’s long-time friend and former partner-in-crime, Dustin Haisler, to reminisce about how a 19 year old kicked off a gov tech revolution in an itty bitty town in Texas and how a chance meeting at SXSW started a powerful collaboration. Dustin is currently the Chief Innovation Officer of e.Republic, the nations leading state and local government media and research firm. Dustin was formerly the Chief Information Officer and assistant city manager for the city of Manor, Texas. Dustin and Manor Labs were recognized by the White House Office of Innovation within the first 6 months of its launch—Manor Labs put Dustin and city of Manor on the map!

In this episode, Dustin and Margarita discuss the necessity of gov tech for innovative problem solving in state and local governments. Dustin specifically touches on how government agencies are struggling with change management during a time where remote work has become increasingly abundant. Covid-19 has changed the playing field of previously face-to-face services, especially in the realm of government services. 

They also dive into how we can create a government system that is open to experimenting for innovation. In Dustin’s words, “innovation, when done right, isn’t one person’s job; it’s everyone’s job.” For more on on incentivizing tech as a utilities infrastructure, the challenges of creating smart cities, innovation in the public sector, venture studios and so much more, tune into this enlightening episode!

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