Entrepreneurial Myth-Making and Successful Enterprise with Rajesh Chandran

Last week we talked about how being a solopreneur is actually really hard. 

Rajesh kicks off this episode by emphasizing the importance and necessity of an honest, collaborative and strong co-founder to share your enterprise and struggles with. One suggestion that Rajesh practices is to go through the prototyping experience with your potential co-founder, and then decide if that is a relationship that you want long-term.

When embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, it is also super easy to fall for the idea that other, exemplary entrepreneurs are inherently perfect and have perfect products and services. Despite the myth-making that exists within the realm of entrepreneurship, we must refocus our energy and attention on our own journey, goals and accomplishments – and be prepared for failures and setbacks. It’s more normal than you may think!

Another factor in myth-making and perfectionism is the idea that a product or service must be minimalist and technologically viable to be successful. Rather, the point is to create a viable product, enterprise or business.

If creating a viable product means scrapping an idea that you love and moving on, you need to rip that bandage off.

Tune into this episode to hear more about:

  • Opportunity mapping
  • The value of procurement, purchasing agents and billing relationships
  • An entrepreneur’s positive peace impact


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