Webinar and Q&A with Rob Chesnut: Former Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb

Welcome back to the PeaceX Series! If you missed out on our December webinar and Q&A with Rob Chesnut, don’t fret—this episode will get you all caught up. In this live webinar, Margarita sits down with Rob Chesnut, author and former Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb to discuss ethical frameworks and practice within Airbnb and businesses at large. Rob gives us some valuable insights on how to operate an ethical business through building honesty and integrity not only with your employees, but also with your customers and consumers. Rob and Margarita also discuss a plethora of examples of ethical and not-so-ethical interactions they have experienced in their professional lives. If running an ethical business is up your alley, stay tuned for some audience Q&A at the end of the webinar!

Check out Rob Chesnut’s Book, “Intentional Integrity” here: https://www.intentionalintegrity.com

More on Rob Chesnut’s work here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robchesnut/

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