What I Do

I co-direct the Peace Innovation Laboratory at Stanford University as a project of BJ Fogg’s Persuasive Technology Lab.  I translate basic academic research around behavior change, game design, persuasive technology and neuroscience into practical methods where practitioners can attain their real world goals whether they be product adoption, public health, cultural transformation, humanitarian relief, or citizen diplomacy.


Why You’re Addicted to Pokémon GO

Lauren Hall-Stigerts interviews Chris Bennett and Margarita Quihuis on how core loops, BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model and neurochemistry all combine to make Pokémon GO a compelling experience. Pokémon GO statistics don’t lie: the hit mobile game is addictive. It’s estimated to make $1.6 million in revenue every day, more money in-game than the rest of the mobile gaming market in one …

The Perfect Mix: Fogg Behavior Model + Core Loop

Within BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Lab, we focus on developing behavior design frameworks and methods that designers can use to help people do what they already want to do.  As product developers and innovators we use these tools to create compelling experiences, products and services that people will repeat again and again. The Fogg Behavior Model (FBM) …

In the News

Margarita has been interviewed by a variety of print, web and news publications including NPR, Huffington Post, Forbes, US News & World Report and CNN.

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Margarita has worked with a variety of corporations, non profits and governments on topics ranging from Psychological Operations and persuasion through social media to culture change, behavior change in the enterprise, to resilience building in vulnerable communities.

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Presentations and Conferences

Margarita has given keynotes, workshops and presentations for the Presidio Institute, Hoover Institution, The Conference Board, Coca-Cola, SWSX, Deloitte, Aspen Institute, the Naval PostGraduate School and other organizations.

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