Social Justice as the Key to Climate Future with Futerra’s Solitaire Townsend

Welcome back to the PeaceX series! We sure do have a treat for you this week: a candid conversation on the intersectionality of climate justice with the one and only, Solitaire Townsend.

Solitaire is a green entrepreneur and co-founder of sustainable strategy agency, Futerra. Inspired by a nuclear dump in her area, teenage Solitaire became a climate justice activist with big dreams and nothing to lose. Little did she know that her optimistic endeavors would lead her to co-founding Futerra and being a published author decades later. 

In this episode, Solitaire and Margarita touch on many things under the umbrella of justice, the intersectional solution to climate and social issues. They discuss everything from cookstove pollution to small-scale solar energy to public transportation and even to gender equality. Tune into this episode for a moving take on the possibilities of multi-dimensional solutions and what you can do starting Monday morning to make a change.


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