Greg Wolff, Unamesa

From the moment we met as Fellows at Stanford, Margarita stood out as one of the very few Venture Capitalists who understood that Social Capital was far more valuable, important, and (potentially) abundant than financial capital as a force for good in the world.  Since that time, Margarita has been an invaluable advisor and thoughtful collaborator as a member of the board of the UnaMesa Association, a nonprofit organization I founded to drive community-based innovations in health and wellbeing through the appropriate use of digital technologies.

Through her actions, choices, and extensive network of collaborators, Margarita embodies the type of bridge between sustainable business and community interests that are necessary to create meaningful social connections and true value for individuals, communities, and society.  As anyone working in this space knows, the gaps between business interest and social good can be large and treacherous — there is no one I could recommend more than Margarita as a reliable guide to help navigate those gaps and realize their dream of creating a more just, sustainable, and hospitable world.