Public Speaking

Margarita has presented at CES, DigitalFest Zurich, O’Reilly Web 2.0 Conference, SXSW, Aspen Institute, Naval Postgraduate School, Stanford University, various TEDx conferences, Harvard University, Gov2.0 Conference,  Hoover Institute, The Presidio Institute, and the Conference Board on behavior design, persuasive technology, peace innovation, women and entrepreneurship, STEM, government innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Her most recent talks include:

Singularity University

Margarita joined Kris Østergaard, the Co-Founder of SingularityU Nordic and host of the Corporate Innovation podcast in a conversation on the relationship between ethics and innovation, the dilemmas businesses are facing now, why business and commerce are closely related to the concept of peace, and why shifting focus to positive social impact can actually help your bottom line.

You can listen to the episode here:
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International Federation of Engineering Education Societies

In this 30 minute talk, Margarita draws on the Peace Innovation Lab’s work;  discuss the need for a new peace tech industry, and how engineers, business and investors can work together to create the world we want to live in.

Stanford University Digital Cities Conference

Margarita goes deep on the potential of peace data and the research of the Peace Innovation Lab Digital Cities Conference at Stanford in June 2019.

University of Maryland’s Future of Humanity Conference

Margarita’s recent talk on Peace and Technology at the Univ of Maryland’s The Future of Humanity: The Challenge of Global Peace and Security Conference:


  • Tech Ethics and Innovation
  • Creating Extraordinary Customer Experience
  • Principles of Behavior Design
  • Introduction to Persuasive Technology Design
  • Designing Behavior for Peace
  • Peace Innovation – Designing Peace Technologies
  • Designing Extraordinary Customer Experiences
  • Game Design Thinking for Customer Engagement
  • Influence and Persuasion in Cyberspace
  • Weaponization of Technology for Cyber Conflict
  • Technology for Humanitarian Relief
  • Designing for Trust
  • Foundations of Peace Technologies