Vida360 Podcast

I had lots of fun talking with Maria Hernandez, PhD for her podcast.  I talk about how I landed in BJ Fogg’s Lab at Stanford, persuasive technology, behavior design, peace innovation, PeaceDot, Ronny Edry’s Israel Loves Iran citizen diplomacy campaign and the new Peace Innovation Institute in The Hague.  Plus stories about growing up, resilience and navigating a career in Silicon Valley.

Inflection Point With Lauren Schiller: Peace In Our Lifetime?

inflect_avatar_greendress_square“Talking with Margarita Quihuis was 1 part brain-bending, 1 part hopeful, 1 part grateful that there are brilliant minds working on the equation for positive peace. I highly recommend a listen to get a peek into the work she is doing–and think about how we can apply it our daily lives right here in the grass roots.” Lauren Schiller

I was grateful for the opportunity to share our lab’s work with Lauren Schiller and the Inflection Point audience. The podcast went up yesterday!  Talk highlights include the work that NextDoor, Uber and AirBnB are doing  to reduce racial bias, citizen diplomacy efforts through social technologies and where the future of peace tech could go.

My wish and call to action was to have a million people listen in! Please listen and share.

You can listen to the podcast here

Why You’re Addicted to Pokémon GO

Lauren Hall-Stigerts interviews Chris Bennett and Margarita Quihuis on how core loops, BJ Fogg’s Behavior Model and neurochemistry all combine to make Pokémon GO a compelling experience.

Pokémon GO statistics don’t lie: the hit mobile game is addictive. It’s estimated to make $1.6 million in revenue every day, more money in-game than the rest of the mobile gaming market in one day altogether. It’s played by all ages, not just childhood Pokémon fans: half of the players are 18-34 years old while just under 50 percent of players are 35 and older. It has more Android downloads than the most popular dating app, more daily users than Twitter, and more engagement than Facebook.

When a mobile game has more traffic than the busiest social networks within days of launch, there’s something afoot. How does Pokémon GO keep us coming back for more?

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