Conscious Tech Startups & Investment with Salma El Hariry and Hala Gabr

Silicon Valley is a living, breathing hub for all things innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment…but what is the state of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment outside of the Valley? 

In this week’s episode, innovators Salma El Hariry and Hala Gabr walk us through the concept of conscious tech, the Vested Summit, and how we can create an ethical and flourishing future globally. 

Salma is an Egyptian serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran — she is the visionary behind investment platforms, S[k]aleUp Ventures and Vested Summit. Hala is a digital media engineer, interdisciplinary designer and Vice President of S[k]aleUp Ventures. Salma coined the term “conscious tech” to describe impactful, risk-taking and problem-solving technologies. 

Together, Salma and Hala created S[k]aleUp Ventures to provide socially responsible entrepreneurs, or “conscious techies”, with an audience and community of investors to fund their conscious tech startups. Salma and Hala’s geographic focus for S[k]aleUp Ventures lies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Investors can support these startups through CrowdWealth, and gather to discuss and watch these entrepreneurs in action at the world’s largest conscious tech summit: Vested Summit. Over the past 7 years, they have supported 120 MENA startups that collectively raised $60M.

As a female-led team of innovators focused on MENA, they are bringing a new, feminine touch to the consciousness entrepreneurship and investment journey. Their journey has certainly been an uphill battle, which Salma advises every aspiring entrepreneur to brace themselves for. One of their most recent struggles was a last-minute investor withdrawal just moments before one of their events; however this minor setback served as a reminder that there is a very special niche for conscious tech startups and their respective investors. 

A major pain point for Salma, Hala and conscious tech startups everywhere is the lack of investor certainty and security in their ROI from ethical and sustainable startups. The good news is that we’ve been preaching about how running an ethical business has a profitable Return on Integrity.

Socially responsible startups will attract the right socially responsible investors, and that’s exactly what the Vested Summit is for. If you’re interested in competing in Vested Summit as a startup, the deadline to submit your application is November 30, 2020!

Tune in for so much more on:

  • Competing as a startup in Vested Summit
  • Salma’s origin story and Silicon Valley experience
  • Hala’s origin story and connecting with Salma
  • MENA youth taking tech and innovation in their own hands
  • Pandemic-created opportunities in MENA


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