Inclusion and Diversity in Design-Thinking with Aishatu Gwadabe

In this week’s episode, peace pioneer Margarita Quihuis sits down with peace advisor and PIN bootcamp member Aishatu Gwadabe to discuss design-thinking. Specifically, they touch on the downfalls of “post-colonialism”, Western influence, and inclusivity and diversity in design thinking. By evaluating the influence that western thinking has in post colonial countries and regions, Aishatu and Margarita conclude that the only way to craft real solutions to pressing issues in these areas is to lose the hierarchical power dynamic. Rather, we must shift away from an ego-centric system and towards and eco-centric system, where all beings are valued equally and included equally. Tune in for more on how inclusion and diversity can make for a better present and future with Aishatu Gwadabe!

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