Behavioral Technologies to influence Actions for the Common Good

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Jeff Saperstein’s Interconnected Individuals Podcast last November. I have known Jeff for many years and give an annual lecture to his students at San Francisco State University on the principles of behavior design and persuasive technology in communications.

Show notes are here:

Jeff Saperstein interviews Margarita Quihuis, Behavior Technologies Expert at BJ Fogg’s Behavior Design Lab at Stanford, discussing how to navigate a career to build expertise and interests in service to the common good. Margarita is engaged as a Global Consultant with using technologies to increase pro-social behavior. She explores her own career path to show how she uses her mastery of subject areas and plug into different roles, organizations, and regions to achieve both her autonomy and personal purpose. She also talks about mentoring, continuous learning, and pivoting to satisfy your own work experience.

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