Egyptians Without Borders

Let us not reinvent the wheel.
Let us not start from scratch
Let us not do the same things and expect different results
Let us stop saying we are a poor country.
Let us stop saying we have a large population problem.
Let us not say our problems are unique
Let us not say it will never work here
Let us not say the Egyptians are the problem.
Let us stop saying we will never catch up.
Let us not underestimate the potential of Egypt
Let us learn from emerging countries in G20 (Brazil, India, Korea, Turkey, and Indonesia
Let us start from where the other ended.
Let us look for proven and tried solutions to our problems, in other countries.
Let us treat Egyptians as Human Capital (in Egypt, in the Gulf, and the immigrants)
Let us leverage the brain power and expertise of millions of Egyptians abroad
Let us kill the progress enemies (bureaucracy, corruption, cronyism, nepotism)
Let us have the best people in all positions.
Let us think big
Let us target to join the G20 in 10 years (we are 42th today)
Let us do it
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