Play the Peace Innovation Journalism Game!

We love challenges and think they’re a great way to harness the collective intelligence out there. To that end, we’re running a mini-challenge centered on peace innovation journalism running on Facebook Groups.


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The Peace Innovation Journalism Challenge

Goal: Find the best ideas for how journalism can contribute to conflict solving? Is there a role for journalism beyond being an observer and “outsider” reporter?

Recent developments in Egypt have made this very timely, and the challenge inspires brainstorming about questions like the following:

  • How can journalism contribute to conflict solving, i.e. bringing peace to the world?
  • How can journalism act as an agent of change towards peace?
  • How could technologies be used as a journalistic tool in conflict solving?

Rules of the game:

  • Post your IDEA on the Peace Innovation Journalism Challenge Facebook Group.
  • People can COMMENT on your idea and build on it to improve it.
  • You can VOTE UP an IDEA with the LIKE button.
  • NEW IDEAS need to be in a NEW POST. NEW IDEAS are not to be thrown into the comment thread of another idea.
  • SHOW US YOUR PROGRESS: Post blog articles, slideshare presentations,videos and any other artifacts in the group.


About the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab
At the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab we are working on a new approach to conflict studies that focuses on real world interventions that leverage insights into technology and human interaction to reduce conflict and precursors to conflict.

We do research in collaboration, open innovation, social computing, persuasive technology & the potential of social networks to change society for the better. All of our research projects are in the field interventions that are data driven, effectively incubating peace startups using our access, resources and prestige as capital.

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