Haiti Sings: La Musique de l’Espoir / Music of Hope / Música de Esperanza

A report on the ground in Haiti from Carlos Miranda Levy, a colleague, Reuters Digital Vision Fellow alum and friend.  Carlos starting doing what he does best – providing help, his intellect, resources and aid to the people of Haiti.

A group of volunteer at improvised field hospital in Fond Parisien, Haiti, found an old piano in an empty church on a short break from taking care of wounded survivors of the earthquake in Haiti and sing with hope from their honest hearts. This is the real Haiti, today. A country that sings with hope, together, even after the terrible earthquake. This is the face and heart of Haiti, today and always. Not the sensationalist, arranged pictures journalists get paid big money to fabricate.

Carlos is a social entrepreneur and Digital Vision Fellow at Stanford University, sponsored by Google and Reuters. Considered by CNN one of Latin America's 20 most influential people on the Internet. Founder of CIVILA.com, Educar.org and BibliotecasVirtuales.com.


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