iPhones Needed for Gathering Patient Data in Haiti Field Hospital

Yesterday I posted Carlos Miranda’s story.  Here’s our latest communication plus a call for help.

So dear friend,
I’m getting the word out on your posting. Let me know how I can help.



It is not me who needs help, it is the people. One way you can help later is trying to answer the question I posted and using your skills to come up with better solutions. There is plenty that has to with chain of commands and bureaucracy.

I mean, lots of people are busy, but by the inability of working together to achieve immediate impact, they are going to be able to become effective, 2 weeks after the hit, by then, it is going to be too late to too many.

And by too late, I mean dead, crippled for life, losing an eye because there was no alcohol and cotton to swab a simple scratch on your eyebrow, to lose a leg, because a small cut on your feet got infected.

Improvising on the Ground and Inventing New Solutions

We’re setting up a protocol for gathering patient data quickly in the field hospital and improvised tents. The iPhone came up in our discussion as a convenient mobile data entry device. Can you help us find donations for at least 50 iPhones, at least 10 to start? We can set it up so that they are formally received by one of the foundations (One Race Global, etc.) or universities we have contacts and collaborating (Harvard, Stanford, UNIBE, UNAPEC, etc.) Do you know someone who knows someone who can be called? We can document development, deployment, usage, etc.