Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab Receives Key to the City of Manor



We had quite a bit of fun at last week’s lab meeting as I presented the key to the City of Manor to BJ Fogg and the members of the Persuasive Technology Lab.  The City of Manor is Peace Dot‘s first government partner and their contribution to peace is through promoting innovation in the area of good governance and transparency.  

The City of Manor has launched an open innovation platform, developed by Spigit, called Manor Labs. This platform seeks to build citizen engagement through the use of persuasive technologies that reward users for their participation. Participants receive “Innobucks” for submitting ideas, voting on ideas, blogging, etc. These “Participants can even invest in ideas in a virtual innovation market. Through open innovation, the City of Manor hopes to empower residents to help innovate new solutions.

Manor Labs has been recognized by the White House and has received a congressional letter of recognition.

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