The Vision: Data Driven Peace Innovation

The vision is to innovate persuasive technologies that can bring about world peace in 30 years. This is an ambitious vision, but we finally have the tools and insights to start making world peace a reality. This view is grounded in the following ideas:

Peace is MEASURABLE – ‘Peace’ occurs when a core set of conditions are met. We call these conditions ‘antecedents to peace,’ and we believe that most are measurable.

Peace is MALLEABLE – If we can measure the antecedents to peace, we can track how much peace we create. Measurement allows us to innovate, tinker, and experiment to make even more peace, and avoid the things that cause conflict.

Peace is PERSUASIVE – Measuring peace gets personal when we can measure our own impact. Imagine if you could measure your daily carbon footprint, would you change your behavior to lower it? Probably. We’ll never be perfect, but we can all make progress!

Peace is PROFITABLE – Peace is just good business. We’ve all witnessed the economic benefits associated with the green revolution, and words like “fair trade” become common place. Consumers are more informed than ever, and they are factoring social responsibility into their purchasing decisions.

This vision came out of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, led by Dr. BJ Fogg.