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Peace Dot is an Open Initiative

Get your .com, .org, or .edu involved 

Organizations of any size, structure, and from any part of the world are welcome to join Peace Dot.  All Orgs touch many people and places, so we can all measure and mold that impact.

We have an open and easy process for page design:

1. Create a URL with the structure:  peace.[your domain].com

2. Design your original Peace Dot page, showing how you or your organization is making an impact on one or more elements of peace.  Impact metrics are strongly encouraged.

3. Link back to the Peace Dot Homepage on

Once your page is completed, submit your URL to to be listed on the Peace Dot index.

Get your self involved

People of all backgrounds, ages, and life experiences are welcome to contribute their ideas for creating measurable progress through Peace Dot.

Join our steering committee of creative thinkers from Stanford, the Silicon Valley, and beyond at our next Meetup

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